• Hello, We're Crisis Management

    The application of strategies designed to help an organization deal with sudden and significant negative events

  • Platform of Reflectiveness

    Enable using past experience to inform future decisions, and will modify standards and behaviours accordingly

  • Integrated IT Infrastructure for Resilience

    Deal with multidisciplinary issues like climate change, disaster risk reduction or emergency response through coordination

  • Solution at your fingertips

    Knowing how to manage issues before they escalate into critical problems

  • Improving Your Readiness

    Identifying potential crises before they occur should be part of the day to day operations

Essential Features

Understand the possible Crisis (Risks)

Assign person-in-charge to deal with Crisis incase it occurs

Built-in Crisis Scenarios ahead for quick response actions

Timely informed by Crisis Notification System [Email / SMS / Apple Push Notification / Google Cloud Message]

Mobility/Cloud platform
Highly adaptive with various kind of sensors

Why Crisis Management?

A Crisis is any event that is, or is expected to lead to, an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, organization, community, or whole society. Crisis could be managed to reduce negative impacts includes staff & public safety, reputational damage, loss of valued customers and vendors, and revenue declines, etc.

Credibility at Stake

What constitutes a crisis? Disasters, accidents, fires or other unexpected events are what usually spring to mind. But companies and organizations often find themselves in disastrous situations simply due to a lack of foresight. Flaws in process, control and security systems can without warning have deva­ stating consequences, including a company being accused of naiveté, neglect and failing to take responsibility. Tough questions will be asked – immediately. Shouldn’t management have seen the risk coming and prevented this crisis? Why hasn’t the company lived up to what it says and promises? Can the company be trusted in the future? Corporate reputations can be made and lost with the answers to the questions, rumours, and speculations that will come immediately on the heels of a crisis.

About System

Crisis Management solution helps organization to put its standard process in place to support organization dealing with any event that threatens to harm the organization, its stakeholders or the general public when it occurs.

  • [Web app]

    No corporation looks forward to facing a situation that causes a significant disruption to their business, especially one that stimulates extensive media coverage. Public scrutiny can result in a negative financial, political, legal and government impact. Crisis Management planning deals with providing the best response to a crisis. Full feature web access allows you plan, manage and response to crises from anywhere through internet.

  • [iOS smartphone]

    Social media has accelerated the speed that information about a crisis can spread. The viral effect of social networks such as Twitter means that stakeholders can break news faster than traditional media - making managing a crisis harder. Timely notification is then critical for businesses to minimize the disruption of crises. Real-time information about crises will be provided at your fingertip by the application developed specifically for your own iPhone.

  • [Apple Watch]

    When Apple released its "most personal device yet", Apple Watch, on 24/04/2015, we had started developing our crisis activation function for the device. Just one month later, by 24/05/2015, we completed the crisis application that runs flawlessly on the new Apple watch. From now on, you can timely notify your colleagues or be notified any crises from your wrist.

  • [Android smartphone]

    When encountering with crises, quick responses following a set of defined procedures get the highest priority. Smartphone application is developed exclusively for that purpose. You now can activate, de-activate and report an incident timely from you own phone.

  • [Windows smartphone]

    Windows 10 mobile is yet another part of the unified ecosystem that Microsoft is vigorously heading toward. If you happen to own a later popular Nokia/Microsoft Lumia phone, you are still stay right in the game. Our Crisis Management universal application for Microsoft Windows 10 mobile platform is always ready in your hand when you need it.

IoT Ready

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